Our Profile

LOTTE Group - a South Korean conglomerate

with a turnover of US $ 65 billion;

 enjoys presence in 70 countries in key business areas 

which include: food, retail, tourism, chemicals, 

construction, manufacturing & finance.


LOTTE Confectionery Co. Ltd. is the group’s 

flagship company  in Foods and Beverages category. 

The delicious world of LOTTE Confectionery 

started out in 1967 with a tiny pack of chewing gum.

Today LOTTE Confectionery is producing over

500 products globally, which includes Gum, Candy,

Biscuits, Chocolates, Snacks and Ice cream.


A household name since 1942,

KOLSON (K.S. Sulemanji Esmailji & Sons (Pvt.) Ltd.)

is now part of Lotte Confectionery. 

It has the distinction of being one of the pioneer

 food manufacturing and processing industries in Pakistan.

The name is synonymous with dynamic and innovative

food products related to snacks, biscuits, cakes and pasta.

Some of Kolson flagship brands are

Slanty, Bravo, Potato Sticks and Jam Hearts.